Virtual Pbx Call Recording Software For Small IT Business Solutions

1 Aug

Virtual Pbx Call Recording Software For Small IT Business Solutions

MCube is a Hosted Virtual Communication solution, MCube Virtual Call tracking software records all information about incoming telephone calls on the Virtual number.

1 – Call tracking includes the details:

  • What number have been called.
  • The geographical location of a caller, if available
  • The time distribution of incoming calls
  • Conversation can be recorded between the Caller and Receiver. 

2 – This information can be used to generate reports :-

  • Caller names and addresses (if a database relating numbers to names and addresses is available)
    •      Postal code summary
  • Missed calls
  • Call summaries (e.g., hourly, daily)
  • Details of repeat and unique callers
  • Analysis of frequency of calls by city and area code, if available

3 – Benefits:- Agencies can make use of telephone tracking to demonstrate the success of their marketing measures to their customers in telephony, which results in increasing the sales process of the organization.

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